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We offer a range of data and analytics services to help you transform your data into insights and actions.


Real-Time & IoT

We help you harness the power of real-time data and IoT devices to gain insights, optimise processes, and create new opportunities.

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Data Platform Delivery

We design and build scalable, secure and cost-effective data platforms using cloud technologies and best practices.

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Data Migrations & Report Migrations

We move your data and reports from legacy systems to modern data platforms and reporting tools.

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Managed Services & Operations

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for your data platforms and analytics solutions.

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Data Strategy & Architecture

We define and align your data vision, goals, principles and roadmap with your business strategy and architecture.

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Data Governance

We implement and manage your data governance framework, processes and roles to ensure your data is trusted, secure and compliant.

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Data Quality Management

We assess and improve the accuracy, completeness, consistency, timeliness and validity of your data.

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Master Data Management

We create and maintain a single, consistent and authoritative source of truth for your critical business data.

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Machine Learning and AI

We apply machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to discover patterns, insights and predictions from your data.

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Data Visualisation and Reporting

We create and deliver interactive and engaging data visualisations and reports that communicate your data insights and stories.

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Process Automation

We automate your repetitive and manual data and business processes using robotic process automation and workflow automation technologies.

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Video Analytics

We analyse your video data using computer vision and machine learning techniques to extract insights and actions.

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Our goal is to transform your data into a valuable asset that sees you stay ahead of your competitors and establish a healthy sustainable business.

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Are you investing in the right technology? Are you confident that your data platform is going to meet the growing needs of the business? Do you know where you stand compared to other companies? Allow us to assess your current landscape and provide expert advice.

Extracting Value

Establish a single view of your customer with a 360 view of how they interact with all the touchpoints of your business. Understand their propensity to take certain actions and recommend the next best activity for them to undertake. Use the power of advanced analytics to personalise their services and improve their experience.

Self Service & Security

Overcome data quality issues or the lack of real-time data. Improve business self service with the right tools or make better decisions through the adoption of advanced analytics. Establish data governance and leverage data as a company wide asset.

Quality & Stability

Without the right people, processes and technologies a data platform can quickly become a data swamp. Use our expertise and products to uncover why your data platform is not delivering the benefits you had envisaged. Implement quick wins that will relieve the pressure from the team.

Efficiency & Agility

There are many levers to pull which will reduce the cost/time to deliver projects and the cost of running your platform. Allow us to demonstrate the various tools and processes which can be applied to optimise your efficiency and reduce your costs.


We have in-depth knowledge across a broad range of leading edge technologies. Our customer centric approach allows us to select the right technology for your needs.

Cloud Platform

Database/Datalake Technologies

ETL, Extract, Transform, Load

Reporting & Data Governance

Machine Learning and AI

Robotic Process Automation

Video Analytics

We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Certified. This is one of many initiatives that we are taking to ensure your data is secured with us.

“The core advantage of data is that it tells you something about the world that you didn’t know before.”

– Hilary Mason

Data scientist and founder of Fast Forward Labs