Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable

intelligence that informs an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions


Our goal is to transform your data into a valuable asset that sees you stay ahead of your competitors and establish a healthy sustainable business.
We achieve this by helping you mature your BI and Analytics capabilities.


BI Analytics Strategy & Business Case

We help organisations to understand the benefits of BI and Analytics capabilities and estimate the costs to deliver and maintain the platform. We achieve this outcome efficiently and cost effectively. We don’t expect your organisation to invest many hours in this exercise. Our experience and delivery expertise allows us to gather the necessary information and provide recommendations within a matter of weeks.


Audit & Best Practice Recommendations

Many organisations have an existing BI and Analytics solution which isn't delivering the expected business value. We perform a quick audit of the people, processes and technologies adopted by those organisations and provide best practice recommendations.

People: Do you have the broad range of skills necessary to run a successful BI and Analytics platform? We have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all the key personnel required within your organisation.

Processes: Without best practice processes, your data will quickly become unmanageable and untrustworthy. Our best practice processes ensure the data you load complies to organisational standards and therefore easy to use.

Technology: With so many technologies in the market, how do you know which one is right for your business. Our skilled architects live and breathe technology. Their passion for technology allows them to have extensive knowledge of all the different options in the market and their practical experience allows them to make an informed decision on the right solution for you.


Single Source of Truth

The first step to BI and Analytics is the loading of data from many disparate systems into a data lake / data warehouse. We specialise in selecting the right technology for your organisation and implement the best practice processes required to establish a resilient data foundation. This is the core to your data and Analytics capability and is often the hardest to master. Our large network of great resources enable a successful delivery.


Business Intelligence

Every business unit requires accurate and informative reports/dashboards. Effective reports will improve employee and customer satisfaction and deliver efficiencies across your business. We have many years of experience with delivering reports in an agile manner which empowers the end user. Reporting seems like a straightforward task, but more often than not, the reports have too much information and the end user is drowning in data. There's a fine art to delivering effective actionable reporting. Our team has had experience delivering mission critical reports to thousands of sales staff and we've learnt to provide the most pertinent information, on time, and at high quality.


Self Service Analytics and Insights

Implement processes and technologies which will empower every business unit with the ability to analyse the data and uncover golden nuggets of insight. Self service takes the onus off the IT teams and provides the people who understand the business to use the data and uncover competitive advantages.


Advanced Analytics / Machine Learning

Use the power of data science and AI to predict the future of your business and take the right actions. Predictive Analytics leverages technology, statistics and business knowledge to uncover insights that are not visible to the human eye. Advanced Analytics is an evolution from "understanding what has happened" to "predicting what will happen". It also moves away from people-based decisions to machine-based decisions. This capability allows you to build a business which is far superior to traditional competitors.

Types of use cases:
- Understanding your company's risk exposure
- Predicting which customers are likely to leave
- Recommending which products to offer a customer
- Recommending the next best action for the customer
- Segmenting customers into groups with similar behaviours
- Identifying the operational issues and automating comms to customers
- Recommending which channels to use to communicate with a specific customer