Data Science


Leverage the power of Advance Analytics and BI to dramatically improve every aspect of your business.

Rapidly deliver the most predictive power to your machine learning models Accelerate collecting and processing of internal and third- party data with Bi3’s Data Cloud. Realize the value of your models with a unified platform that enables cross- functional teams to build scalable data preparation, and model inference pipelines to transform data into actionable business insights.

Key Benefits

Our core strength is developing enterprise data management strategies and health checks encompassing data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence. 


With our deep data heritage, industry experience and thought leadership, our consultants remain current with their skillsets so they can work with customers to build roadmaps to maintain and maximize the value of their data.

Data and Analytics Strategy

Customer Analytics Platform

Master Data Management

BI and Data Visualisation

Data Sharing and Collaboration

Marketing Automation and Optimisation

Customer Intelligence Strategy

Customer Data Model

Marketing Performance Analysis

Accelerate Data Science Workflow

Accelerate the pace of innovation using familiar syntax and thriving ecosystem of open-source libraries to explore and process data where it lives.

Fast processing engine with minimal operational complexity

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One place to instantly access all relevant data

Single platform to unify teams and tools around the data

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Success Stories

Staying ahead of our Competition



Business Problem

The data platform was end of life and was proving difficult to maintain. There were frequent outages, & capacity constraints were preventing the organisation from being able to meet the growing needs of the business. Needed to quickly migrate all reports & 11 systems onto a new strategic platform.

Outcome Results

Successfully migrated all reports onto the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and decommissioned the legacy environment. Integrated new data platform to strategic campaign engine with essential customer insights.

Why Bi3?

Loaded 11 Systems onto the Azure platform in 1 Month

Leveraged the Bi3 C-Bot tool to automate the build of Azure Data Factory jobs.

Tested all migrated data and measures with only 1 tester

Leveraged the Bi3 Q-Bot tool which automates the testing of data.

Halved the cost of the marketing campaign project

Made possible through our highly skilled workforce based in India.



Business Problem

Global organisation operating out of 10 countries and 3 continents. Lacking confidence in technology choices, and seeking 3 year plan that would standardise the people, processes, and technology required to enable the delivery of their overall business strategy.

Outcome Results

Delivered a data maturity assessment and a data strategy which enabled the organisation to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and recommended actions. Organisation is now undertaking actions to achieve the desired state.

Why Bi3?

Only 3 months to produce a data strategy for a global organization spanning 10 countries.

Made possible by our highly committed and experienced team.

Highly competitive rates. Delivered Data Strategy at a fraction of competitor’s pricing

Made possible by our repeatable process which leverages our growing library of research.



Business Problem

Undertaking a data transformation during a period of severe business pressure caused by Covid-19 impacts. Goal was to deliver business value efficiently whilst adopting new Snowflake technology.

Outcome Results

Leveraged Bi3 technologies dev ops automations expediate delivery. Established a high- quality solution with minimal cost and managed reduce costs whilst delivering business value. 

Utilised Bi3 Chennai team to reduce the cost of delivering data – fixed price managed service provided for all new source systems loaded onto the platform. ($7k per Source system)

Why Bi3?

Efficiency through Automation

Automated code migration via CI/CD integration. Azure File Encryption solution, and Power BI triggers.

Cost Effective

Utilised the global workforce to reduce cost of change and scale resources quickly.

Specialised Skills

Difficult to find resources who have experience with latest technologies and experience with building frameworks and patterns. Bi3 able to provide skilled resources quickly.