Elevating Airport Efficiency through Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Optimise Jet Base Bay Utilisation

Business problem

Airport operation team confronted with the challenge of optimising aircraft bay utilisation. Team was hindered by the absence of real-time data for monitoring aircraft occupancy in hangars, testing bays, waiting bays and Jet base. The team also faced the additional challenge of tracking the transition of aircraft into various bays.


To address these challenges, we implemented a video analytics solution by utilising the Jet base cameras to track flight movements, capturing both arrivals and departures flights and using the ADSB data geo-coordinates of vehicles & flights to track the movements. This provides a clear picture of bay occupancy & utilisation.


The solution enhanced airport efficiency by providing real-time data, insights, and Power BI integration for improved bay management. This comprehensive approach, including visual snapshots and temporal insights, results in smoother operations, and optimised bay utilisation, contributing to a streamlined and efficient aviation operation.

Divestment Tray Security Scan Optimisation

Business problem

Passenger wait times and extended tray queues during security scans pose challenges for efficient processing at the airport. Analysing the root cause of these delays is essential for enhancing the overall flow and creating a smoother experience for passengers and keeping the cost under control.


We’ve implemented video analytics to monitor tray movements in entry & exit of security scan, and calculated tray process time, system throughput and trays queued in decision plate. Analysed this data through Power BI and revealed that extending the conveyor belt reduces wait times which enhances the scanning process and reduces passenger wait-time.


This solution gives the clear analysis of tray processing and led to improved airport efficiency by identifying root causes and implementing strategic changes in the security scanning system. Real-time insights and Power BI integration offer continuous monitoring, optimising security scan processes for a smoother passenger experience and enhanced overall airport efficiency. 

Optimising Carousel Utilisation and Baggage Processing

Business problem

The airport is striving to assess carousel utilisation across all terminals and is faced with the challenge of measuring baggage processing times per flight, identifying anomalies in the baggage handling process, and flagging instances of extended processing.


Utilised handling area video footage to track bags, handlers, and processing personnel using advanced detection. Synchronised timestamps with flight block times. Detailed data analysis allowed us to calculate processing times, carousel usage, and flag anomalies, providing insights into efficiency and identifying irregularities in baggage handling.


The solution improved carousel utilisation across all terminals, optimised baggage processing times, and proactively identified anomalies, leading to enhanced operational efficiency. The refined baggage handling process contributed to improved customer satisfaction and overall operational performance at the airport.

Video Analytics – Solution Differentiators

Video Analytics

Airport Common Object Model
Flights, Bags, People, Buses, Cars – all common Airport objects are catered for.

Access to Low-Cost Resources
Help to keep the ongoing maintenance cost to a minimum.

Secure Approach
Video Analytics Platform runs within the client’s network. This addresses regulatory compliance and mitigates concerns regarding privacy.

Infrastructure Agnostic
Run on Cloud or On Prem. Run the solution on your choice of Cloud Vendor.

Integration with Existing Systems
Outputs of Analytics are integrated with Azure Native Suite of Products

Standard Delivery Approach


  • Provide access to existing cameras
  • Identify where we need new cameras 
  • Identify which cameras we want to use
  • Configure the Zones for each Camera
  • Approve the recommended cameras & scope 
  • Purchase Cameras


  • Airport Common Object Model
  • Model Development
    • People Dwell
    • Count of Trace
    • Stopped Belt Bus
    • Transfer
    • Count of Aircrafts
    • Aircraft Dwell Time 
  • Ground Truth Validations
    (90% accuracy)


  • Integration of Data into Microsoft Data Ecosystem, including:
    • Snowflake
    • PowerBI
    • EventHub
  • PowerBI Dashboard


  • Imbed the new insights into the business
  • Monitor the models and their accuracy
  • Warranty Support (3 Months)


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Thiru’s experience covers;

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In addition, Thiru is particularly equipped to handle global market shifts and technology advancements that often limit or paralyse corporations having worked in the US, Australia and India.