Advances in Predictive Analytics Expand Organisational Data Intelligence

When it comes to data analytics, most organizations have historically focused primarily on descriptive and diagnostic capabilities. Descriptive analytics explains what is happening in an IT system and uses analysis levers, including analyzing trends, mining patterns, and detecting changes and anomalies. Diagnostic analysis encompasses functions including critical path analysis, bottleneck analysis, fault propagation models, and […]

Top technologies that will disrupt your business in 2023

From AI to IoT, advancements, convergences, and new use cases are giving rise to new avenues for IT innovation across industries, thereby transforming the business landscape to come. Despite economic uncertainty, the 2023 State of the CIO survey from Foundry reports that the vast majority of CIOs (91%) expect to maintain or increase their tech budget this […]

10 mistakes that can tank IT innovation

With expectations to innovate higher than ever, IT leaders must ensure they have the right culture, skills, and alignment with business value when pursuing innovative IT initiatives. Years into digital transformation, and decades into the IT function itself, many CIOs still fall short when it comes to innovation. Tech debt, budget constraints, and overloaded staff […]