About Us

Simplifying the world of data


Staying Ahead

Bi3 has been recognised for being one of the fastest-growing companies in Australia.

Our team has delivered substantial and complex projects for some of the largest organisations around the globe and we’re quickly building a brand that is well known for superior delivery.

What makes us superior to competitors?

Delivery Excellence

We have an incredible track record for hitting the dates we promise. This is made possible by our technical experience and project management disciplines.

Deep Expertise with Leading Vendors

Intimate knowledge of leading technologies such as AWS, Azure, and Snowflake. This ensures you get it right first time.

Impressive Track Record

Our customers love us. We have worked with some of the most notable brands in Australia and have developed an excellent reputation.

Global Workforce

Identifying the best talent at the right price is a growing challenge. We have a global workforce who deliver high quality outcomes at a very competitive price.

Efficiency via Automation

We have automation that dramatically improves your speed to market. We leverage these accelerators to deliver faster and with greater quality.

How did Bi3
come about?

The origins of Bi3 Technologies


We witnessed large and reputable vendors fail to deliver to their promises. We saw clients frustrated at the hands of complacent partners.


We received many accolades for delivery excellence as individuals. We learned that consistent delivery of great outcomes is unique and rare.


We believed that we could build an organisation that would rival the best and would earn a reputation for excellence.


Having come to Australia from less fortunate countries, we recognised how blessed we are. We felt obligated to seize the opportunity and build something of value in return.

Our Clients

We have delivered outstanding results for some of the largest and well recognised brands both in Australia and Globally.

International Clients